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They call me Zuco, short for the greatest most sophisticated rapper you’ll ever have the opportunity to learn about. I’m supposed to tell you all about my history and how I got started in hip-hop, right? Well, that’s all very boring stuff, instead, I’ll just hit the high points. I’ve been recording hits for roughly 10 years and Troy has been my lyrical guide for just as long. Really though, to learn more about me it’s best to read my thoughts on the tracks I post here. They’re quite informative and will give you better understanding of how my mind works. Like the Facebook page below and show your support, I’d love to have you as a #danfan.

I hope that you find the music interesting enough to remain informed of when a new hit drops. As you can image, I spend a lot of time writing and recording these musical fascinations for you all. Not to mention I go and do a write-up of the joint to try and get you to feel the same feelings I feel towards it. I hope they do just that. The form below is a newsletter signup form. Please fill it out and remember to click send. This will allow you to receive personal updates of new music, posts, and even show dates (when that day comes) straight to your email. I DO NOT SPAM. I will only email you as new music is released. Signup and become a #danfan.

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Lyrical Ability

Latest Music

Kill Bill

At times I feel I need to prove to myself that I ” still have it”, as they say. I tried writing a few different joints before finally competing this one. I was getting frustrated with the others because the beats were different than what I feel I sound best on. Of course, this took […]

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Truest Love

Back with a hit! Well, in my playlist anyway. Truest Love is one of those beats that features a hook, which means I didn’t have to put a lot of thought into what the structure and content of the song would be. However, instead of playing on the obvious and touching on relationships, I decided […]

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Bang Bang Boogie

This is by far my favorite record yet. The production coupled with that Dan Redd lyrical flavor makes for an excellent listening experience and chart topper. Maybe not a chart topper but it’s still fire. The beat was produced by DopeBoyzMuzic, a production duo team based out of Germany. I love working with these guys. […]

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